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Cladding: progress on remediation


The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has launched a new inquiry, Cladding: Progress of Remediation. The inquiry will review progress in removing potentially dangerous cladding from high-rise and high-risk buildings, and the adequacy of funding by the Government.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, it was found that the use of a number of forms of dangerous cladding on residential buildings was widespread. The impact on residents is not limited to the elevated fire risk due to the installation of combustible cladding on their properties. There have been additional consequences that have caused significant financial and emotional strain. Residents have found themselves footing the bill for round-the-clock fire patrols, increased insurance premiums and difficulties in accessing mortgage finance.

The inquiry will examine the scale of issues facing residents in buildings due to combustible cladding. It will also look at the quality and effectiveness of Government support for the removal of all form of dangerous cladding from existing buildings, in particular the pace of remediation.

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee also conducted work into the Government’s response to the Grenfell fire in the previous Parliament.

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2nd Report - Cladding: progress of remediation
Inquiry Cladding: progress on remediation
HC 172
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18 May 2020
Inquiry Cladding: progress on remediation
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