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Our future transport


The Transport Committee wants to hear your proposals on what the Committee should investigate for its next in-depth inquiry. We want to work with people or organisations who know which innovations deserve attention, and what the impact of new and disruptive trends and technologies might be across all modes of transport in the future.

The Committee is looking for 500-word proposals that make a strong case for:

•        What the future of transport policy might look like;

•        Why we should look at this future transport issue;

•        Why it would benefit from scrutiny by the Committee;

•        Why it's important to look at it now; and

•        Why the Government needs to take action.

We will shortlist the best proposals, and you could be invited to give a pitch to the Committee in person at a public session at Parliament. We'll pick a winning proposal and launch an inquiry based on your suggestion, taking evidence, questioning Ministers and learning more about what the future of transport might look like.

What makes a good subject for an Inquiry?

When making your submissions, it is worth considering what the existing Government policy is and how or why you think it might be changed or improved in the future. We would be interested to know why you think we should give more attention to a new technology, trend or capability, and how it might impact travel and transport within the UK, or our international connections. Committee inquiries usually look at issues that impact the whole country, or areas where impact is disproportionate, and why.

We’re keen to hear proposals from a wide range of experts, researchers, thinkers and stakeholders working in areas we may not have considered before. A list of inquiries that we have already held in this Parliament is available on our website.