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Prostitution inquiry


The Committee will look into:

  • What harms are associated with buying and selling sex?
  • How effective are Government policies in tackling this?
  • What more could be done?

The Committee is calling for written evidence and is particularly interested in receiving submissions which address:

  • What, if any, harms associated with buying and selling sex? Who is affected? How?
  • How does buying and selling sex affect attitudes towards women more widely?
  • What local initiatives are you aware of that address these harms? Are they effective? Why?
  • What, if any, are the challenges for those facing harm in accessing services (for example, healthcare; support services; advice; exit services)?¬†What needs to change?
  • What relevance does the Public Sector Equality Duty have for the way that public authorities?
  • How does the law currently treat paying for sex? How could law and policy be improved to address harm?
  • How effective are different international approaches at addressing any harms associated with buying and selling sex?