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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): The UK’s security and trade relationship with China

International Relations and Defence Committee
The UK’s security and trade relationship with China

Monday 26 April 2021

Start times: 2.00pm (private) 2.00pm (public)

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Committee to hear evidence on US-China relations

The House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee will take evidence from experts on US-China relations.

The Committee will ask about the economic relationship between China and the US, concerns about the US-China relationship and US expectations of its allies in the Indo-Pacific.

Meeting details

At 2.00pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry The UK’s security and trade relationship with China
Senior Fellow for China Studies at Council on Foreign Relations, and Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution at Stanford University
Director, Asia Program at German Marshall Fund of the United States

Possible questions

  • What long-term policy towards China can we expect from the Biden Administration?
  • Are we witnessing an emergence of a ‘new Cold War’ between Washington and Beijing?
  • How much of an impact has the ‘trade war’ with China had on the US? To what extent are the countries economically intertwined?
  • To what extent can we talk of a consensus between the Democrats and the Republicans over the US policy towards China?
  • How concerned is the US that Chinais ‘catching up’ in technological development, especially in next-generation technology, such as the 5G network and artificial intelligence? What can and should be the US’ response?
  • What does the Biden Administration expect from its allies, both in Europe and in the Indo-Pacific, regarding China?
  • How, in your opinion, could the UK contribute to regional stability in the Indo-Pacific?

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