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13 December 2023 - Safeguarding vulnerable claimants - Oral evidence

Committee Work and Pensions Committee
Inquiry Safeguarding vulnerable claimants

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Start times: 9:15am (private) 9:15am (public)

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Safeguarding vulnerable claimants inquiry: Work and Pensions Committee to question NAO and advocacy and support groups

The Work and Pensions Committee will hold the second oral evidence session for its inquiry examining how DWP supports vulnerable benefit claimants and whether its approach to safeguarding needs to change.

Meeting details

At 9:15am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Safeguarding vulnerable claimants
Director at National Audit Office
Director at National Audit Office
At 10:25am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Safeguarding vulnerable claimants
Deputy Chief Executive at Rethink Mental Illness
Vice-chair at National Association of Welfare Rights Advisors (NAWRA)
Policy & Public Affairs Officer at Z2K

Likely areas of questioning

The session will be a chance for MPs to question representatives from the National Audit Office about the work they have done in this area. They are likely to be asked about issues relating to how public and local services work together on safeguarding, the process for claiming benefits, how well DWP understands the challenges and needs of claimants, and how DWP investigates cases of harm.

The second panel, made up of representatives from advocacy groups and charities, will focus on the challenges that vulnerable people face when claiming benefits and DWP’s safeguarding responsibilities. There could also be questions about the proposed reforms to the Work Capability Assessment.  


Room 5, Palace of Westminster

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