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Work and Pensions Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Work and Pensions Committee looks into the policies and spending of the Department for Work and Pensions, including benefits for people in and out of work, state pensions and how private pensions are regulated. It also scrutinises DWP’s public bodies and other regulators. It is chaired by Stephen Timms MP. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsWorkPen

For information about the work of committees before 2020 please go to inquiries before 2020 and publications before 2020. For information on former committees before 2020, please visit former committees.

Latest publications

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Letter from the Chief Executive of the Pensions Regulator to the Chair 26.6.20 (follow up from evidence session 18 May)
Work The Pensions Regulator (Non-inquiry session)
Committees Work and Pensions Committee
Correspondence with the Secretary of State about the National Audit Office report on Information held by the Department for Work and Pensions on deaths by suicide of benefit claimants
Work Safeguarding vulnerable people: how DWP learns lessons from serious cases (Non-inquiry session)
Committees Work and Pensions Committee
Letter from HSE Chief Executive to Chair – correction of information provided by HSE to the Committee
Work Health and Safety Executive (Non-inquiry session), and DWP's response to the coronavirus outbreak (Inquiry)
Committees Work and Pensions Committee, and Work and Pensions Committee

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