Mary Robertson – Written Evidence (LBC0100)

Covid Kaleidoscope

There’s new pictures beckoning

In my kaleidoscope world.

Look, there's kids playing shop
With chocolate coins and laughter.
The grown ups join in.
And look, there's serious work, hard work,
But always laughter
And optimism grows like sunflowers.

I look again but
The focus has shifted and now

The hallowed ground is barren.

Sickness haunts a desolate landscape
Of missed connections and disconnections

And the weight of human tears
Threatens to drag the earth from its orbit.

I don't want to look anymore
But incurable curiosity
Wins in the end.
Now both visions are overlaid
And vying for attention.
Tired but tinged with hope, I slip into sleep
With the Midas gold
Melting in the sunshine.

18 August 2020