UK Green Party XR Clive Lord – Written Evidence (LBC0091) 


Although I am an individual, if you have not already done so, I strongly recommend you should consult Guy Standing, who can give evidence on behalf of the Basic income Earth Networ BIEN),. and Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett, who are signatories to a presentation already made to parliament.

Guy Standing stresses that a basic income is a right, rather than an anti-poverty ‘handout’.

In developed economies with some form of anti-poverty safety net, this links up with the fact that most such systems are means tested. The withdrawal of means tested benefits operates as a tax, proportionately massive, on low incomes. The minimum basic income must be sufficient to remove entirely that real but disguised tax equivalent.

An overlooked consequence of a basic income was revealed by the Finnish scheme, which reduced mental health problems, and a scheme which did not suffer from inadequacies for which the Finnish scheme was criticised, could save the NHS considerable sums, possibly even paying for itself in this way.

13 August 2020