Mr Peter Gordon – Written Evidence (LBC0087) 


My name is Peter Gordon and I live in Hull, East Yorkshire. I want to submit my evidence to this committee for the following reasons.

I would like to make the committee aware that I had two uncles who fought in the second world war to defend us from the tyranny and evil of totalitarian regimes. My Uncle Alfred fought against Franco’s fascists in Spain in the 1930’s, he saw what was coming in Europe. He went on to fight in the war in the British Army, from the deserts of North Africa through the bloody battles in Italy and eventually on to the defeat of Germany. He was wounded several times but each time returned to battle. Despite all this my Uncle Alf was the first person to speak about the futilities of war. My Uncle George never wanted to go to war, but he did so because he wanted to fight the evil of fascism that had descended on mainland Europe. Uncle George never came back, he was killed in Italy.

My uncle Alf passed away a long time ago when I was just a teenager but if he were alive today in this crisis, I’m pretty sure he would say that we as a public are a bunch of babies and the totalitarianism, he fought against is now just around the corner in this country.

In my opinion there are no positives to be taken from this pandemic, I list only my concerns for the future. It is, unfortunately, a view of dystopia.

What I hope for

12 August 2020