Mrs Sue Fisher – Written Evidence (LBC0083) 



The way neighbourhood responses have been set up for food parcels, befriending calls etc.

The reduction in carbon emissions through reduction in air travel and car journeys.

The wakeup call that there needs to be a big change in our whole way of life including a change in the presumption that society runs on growth of industry and consumption.

What needs to happen in the future:

There needs to be an end to intensive factory farming which is likely at some point in the future to cause another pandemic.  This needs to happen in this country and worldwide. 

There needs to be an end to traffic in wild animals for the same reason.

We need to stop building new runways, airports and put an end to cheap air travel.  There needs to be a major change in thinking about how people travel for leisure and business.

There needs to be a change in eating habits to reflect carbon footprint of transporting food all round the world –there needs to be a reduction in food being transported by air.  This may need a major change in thinking-eating food in season/more frozen food etc??

We need better IT systems so that more meetings can happen virtually reducing the need to travel for business.

There need to be limits on advertising as the way forward has to be a reduction in consumerism.

I suspect we may need a new political system as in the present one thinking is based too much around business interests and in the UK it has made the differences in health, wealth etc too stark.  There should be a limit on pay/house prices etc.  The inequalities in London and between London and areas such as the North East need to be massively reduced.  With good IT does everything have to centre on London?

There should be more investment in British technology-eg. We need our own IT industry so we are not dependent on foreign companies.

We need a different measure for success than GDP-the carbon footprint should be measured.  General wellbeing should be measured.  There needs to be a honest measure of Britain's carbon emissions including aviation etc.  Wildlife needs to have a much greater priority and protection than it currently has.

We need to also do something about inequalities worldwide.  We need to let more asylum seekers and people who want to migrate for a better life to apply in a safe way and to be allowed in if they can get work/are qualified etc.  We need to pressure other countries to deal with issues such as intensive farming/wet markets, deforestation, traffic in endangered species etc.

10 August 2020