Paul Colwell - Written Evidence (LBC0076) 


I have many concerns now about the future. But, none of them are about the deadliness of the COVID-19 virus. It seems painfully obvious now that the disease is not particularly deadly for the vast majority of healthy people both here and abroad. The government seemed to acknowledge this early on when it was removed from their list of HCIDs (High Consequence Infectious Disease) because of several factors but one of them was, and I quote: “...more information is available about mortality rates (low overall)...” That was established on the 19th of March – a few days later the lock-down started! The finding still reads the same at the time of writing.


The above is just one of many glaring contradictions and nonsenses that real people have had to contend with. A disease barely more deadly than that of an average flu isn't worth shutting everything down for - especially when the lock-down itself will inevitably result in more deaths in total in other quarters! Compulsory mask-wearing is another mystifying order that comes nastily close to totalitarianism. There is no hard scientific proof that most normal masks prevent the spread of a virus but there is, however, evidence that prolonged wearing can cause harm. But even if we do presume they do help, why, with a disease so apparently deadly, were ten days allowed to go by before it was enforced? And why not at the height of the deaths, but when the virus is killing few?


I have described the above to build a foundation for my view on 'Life Beyond Covid' point of view. It may surprise you to know I, and many others, are not worried about the virus at all. What I am worried about is government reactions to this, both here and overseas. There seems to be an agenda to push us all towards a mandatory vaccine. And if it is not made mandatory, it will be made difficult to cope without having it. I point out to you at the various invasive track and trace apps coming into play already along with the Covid-free travel permits in the pipeline (they organized those quickly, didn't they!). How long before you can't shop, or go into certain buildings, or get a job without the green alll-clear symbol being displayed on your smart-phone? I believe totalitarian communist China have this all up and running – obviously because they care so much too!


You'll have to excuse my sarcasm, but I hope you can see where my concern orbits about – and it's not with any exaggerated disease, but the evident 'problem, reaction, solution' stance of this and other governments. You may feel that I am a 'conspiracy theorist' – hopefully I am and soon we'll all be told we can go back to normal. But if there is an agenda, it simply will not! So, 'Life Beyond Covid', will either be a slow getting back to reality, or a hellish world that I will no longer wish to be part of. Time will tell!


6 August 2020