Written Evidence Submitted by Unilever



Unilever executive summary

We are supportive of an ARPA style funding model and would like to see it include key considerations regarding:

What gaps in the current UK research and development system might be addressed by an ARPA style approach?

What are the implications of the new funding agency for existing funding bodies and their approach?

The science funding landscape is already incredibly complex from challenge funds to city/regional growth deals and catapult centres - it deals with traditional approaches and needs well. But it is not set up to tackle major problems, nor to facilitate integration or cross sectorial collaborations. An ARPA style model needs to cut through this and not just layer on an additional funding stream based of the same aims and model as what already exists.


What should be the focus be of the new research funding agency and how should it be structured?



What funding should ARPA receive, and how should it distribute this funding to maximise effectiveness?

What can be learned from ARPA equivalents in other countries?

What benefits might be gained from basing UK ARPA outside of the ‘Golden Triangle’ (London, Oxford and Cambridge)?





(July 2020)