Mrs Nicky Candler – Written Evidence (LBC0057) 


I feel really passionately that we have this massive opportunity to change the UK for the better since the pandemic.  Please do not let this opportunity go to waste! 


In particular, I’m concerned about the environment and how we live as a society. The opportunity is here for us to change how we look at our family life and our work, within our community. 


I am a working mum, and whilst I would not be able to make the switch to working from home as I am a teacher, I do see that this is the chance to get women (and men) a more flexible pattern of working, one where parents can drop their children at school and then start working at home afterwards.  It seems ridiculous that we all travel into city centres to work.   The infrastructure is burdened with lots of people, all trying to get on a train or on a road or motorway at the same time.  This just seems like an outdated way to work. 


I live along a main road, in beautiful Shropshire, so I don’t have to put up with nearly the amount of traffic if I were living in a major town for instance.  However, even I have noticed the difference in traffic since we started back to some sense of normality since the lock-down.


We need bold moves and joined up thinking now.  Let’s invest in green technology. Push the boundaries on how we can improve our quality of life.  Greener trains, buses, etc.  Get the bicycle lanes up and running by giving local councils money to invest.  Let’s encourage companies to have tax breaks for instance, if they allow flexible working situations - working from home, a flexible arrival at work, etc. 


A new normal is the saying that keeps getting mentioned.  What is that new normal?  It should be one where I don’t have to think that how I live my life is going to affect my children and their children for years to come.  It needs decisive action and money being spent, but my goodness, this is the moment to do that!


23 July 2020