Written evidence from a member of the public (COV0201)

Dear Sir / Madam

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” (Galatians 5:1).

I write to express my deep concerns over the way the Government has breached the human rights of the UK citizens during the COVID-19 “lockdown” period.

Before addressing the above, I would like to raise the following relevant questions below.


  1. What are our current basic UK human rights?

The Bible, the Magna Carta and several current UK laws, provide UK citizens with basic human rights.

Specifically, the Human Rights Act 1998 sets out the fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone in the UK is entitled to including ECHR. (See - https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/42/contents).

Such rights include the:

      freedom of thought, conscience and religion

      right to life

      right to liberty and security

      right to a fair trial within the law

      respect for private family life, home and correspondence

      freedom of assembly and association

      right to education

During the UK lockdown, how many of the above human rights were removed from UK citizens?

Clearly, multiple sections of the 1998 Human Rights Act were disregarded by the UK Government under the draconian and uncivil COVID-19 rules.    


  1. What is the COVID-19 “coronavirus” and how was it established?

According to the World Health Organisation, “Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness. (See - https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus#tab=tab_1 ).

According to - www.worldometers.info , of the 14 million positive cases of the coronavirus worldwide, over 607,000 deaths have been recorded to date. However, over 8,700,000 people have recovered from the disease. We of course think of, pray for and share our sincere condolences to those families in bereavement. However, at the same time, why did the Government enforce a UK lockdown, when almost a similar number of people die each year of “seasonal flu”? According to the same source that highlights over 32 million people worldwide who have died so far this year, of these:

Again, why was the UK forced to “lockdown” on 23 March 2020 over COVID-19 concerns when the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens stated on the 19 March 2020, that COVID-19 was no longer a “high consequence infectious disease” (HCID) and should not be classified as such?

Where did the coronavirus come from? “Naturally” from bats to humans via a Wuhan wet market in China? Further evidence is emerging that COVID-19 did not arise naturally, but instead, via “gain of function” SARS like chimeric virus” laboratory experiments at the North Carolina University in 2015, with the assistance of health specialists from the USA, Switzerland and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. (See - https://www.nature.com/articles/nm.3985). The Media have highlighted that the Obama administration and Dr Fauci supported extended research at the Wuhan CDC. Is it a coincidence that the coronavirus “appeared” to have begun at same location? Why is the UK Government therefore not investigating the true cause of the “outbreak”, and informing the UK citizens of the full truth?

Why was a European patent EP3172319B1 on the coronavirus applied for by the Pirbright Institute on 23 July 2015, and granted on 20 November 2019? The “pandemic” took place shortly afterward in Wuhan China. The field of the invention states, The present invention relates to an attenuated coronavirus comprising a variant replicase gene, which causes the virus to have reduced pathogenicity. The present invention also relates to the use of such a coronavirus in a vaccine to prevent and/or treat a disease.” Do you understand why an increasing amount of people believe COVID-19 is a “plandemic” focusing on population control and deliberate economic damage, to usher in the commencement of the global “Great Reset” program supported by the World Economic Forum and their strategic partners? (See - https://www.weforum.org/partners#search )


  1. Why was the UK Coronavirus 2020 Bill rushed through Parliament and the subsequent laws passed?

a)      The above Act includes principles that remove fundamental human rights. Namely sections - Powers relating to potentially infectious persons: constables and immigration officers” and “Powers relating to events, gatherings, and premises.”

b)      How can the Government roll out testing, tracking and tracing without assuring the UK citizens the effectiveness of the testing and the security of the data sourced? Why did the Government order testing kits that were contaminated with the coronavirus from the Luxembourg-based manufacturer Eurofins! Testing kits and tracking methods are flawed.

c)       Why can’t the Government see that the cost of PPE is crippling businesses that are open, and deterring businesses that wish to open? What happens to the discarded PPE items?

d)      Why will face masks be mandatory in shops on 24 July for shopping customers, yet face masks for shop staff will not be mandatory? Why has the Government deemed COVID-19 more dangerous in shops (masks to be worn), and less dangerous in offices (masks not required to be worn)? The Government has no right to force people to wear a mask that negatively effects their health - i.e. reduces blood oxygen levels and causes other health problems. Did the Government take note of the anti-mask protest in London at Speakers Corner on Sunday 19 July 2020? In addressing the crowd, why didn’t the police wear face masks? The UK citizens are aware that face masks do not protect people from a fake disease. So why make face masks mandatory, after the COVID-19 peak, and impose laws against our health and human rights?

e)      Why has the UK Government decided to work alongside the GAVI Vaccine Alliance and the Bill Gates Foundation, spending taxpayer’s money of 2 billion pounds since 2000, with plans of a further 1.65 billion pounds over the next five years? Matt Hancock’s comments on 21 May 2020 was a very vague response to the question of mandatory vaccination. Clearly, part of the Government wants mandatory vaccination and the other part opposes this. The evidence of vaccines worldwide show that they correlate to increased disease and death, and not the improvement of human health. Why stop proven, cheaper remedies to restore the health of those affected by COVID-19, by strengthening their natural immune systems with vitamins C, vitamin D and zinc? Why would UK citizens willingly inject themselves with vaccines that may contain poisons including aluminium, thimerosal/mercury and formaldehyde? (See - https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/parents/ingredients.html).


  1. The Economy and current climate of fear

The Government, alongside the Media, have created an unnecessary climate of fear. Mental health cases and suicides have risen. Unemployment has increased. Family-run businesses have closed. Due to the futile social distancing rules, family and friends have been fearful to be in physical contact. The Government failed to protect the many elderly that died in hospital and in care homes. The above chaos was not caused by any disease. It was caused by the erroneous COVID-19 UK lockdown rules.

Will the Government reverse the adverse Coronavirus laws that have negatively impacted our human rights?

Thank you for providing the citizens of this country with the opportunity to respond to the Government on the above.

Prayerfully, may the UK citizens truly be free, and not in bondage to uncivil laws.


A concerned citizen.

(PS -I would not be surprised if you chose not to publish the above candid response. Over the past few months, UK citizens have seen excessive censorship by the Government, news media, social media platforms and other news outlets against opinions are that contrary to the Government’s narrative.)