Dr Mahfuzur Rahman – Written Evidence (LBC0050) 

Lessons from Covid-19: Realisations

Realisation1: Natural settings are beautiful for people, environment and society

During this coronavirus pandemic, we have realised that the natural settings are beautiful for people, environment and society. Many people realised that their family life is precious. As people have spent time with each other that was missing in the recent super busy lifestyle. Because of low carbon footprint, there is visual development of air, water and forests. For a moment, I feel that we are proven snatchers who have taken things from nature to enhance our so called quality of life and comfort. As we remain local for shopping and exercise, we have noticed our neighbourhood closely.

Realisation 2: Health is wealth

We have been so busy meeting the demand of our day to day life, we have ignored it to take care of our health. However, health is wealth and everything can be stopped where health is in risk. Taking regular breakfast or avoiding/limiting or even stopping smoking are evidenced. We should take care of our health as it is the most precious wealth.

Realisation 3: New urgent and new normal

We used to think that meetings are urgent, attendance is urgent, shopping is urgent and now we know how wrong we were. Similarly, nothing is normal and anything can become normal at any time.

Major concerns in the long run: Economic growth and SMEs

Importance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has increased over the past few decades all over the world. While the contribution of the SMEs is growing towards sustainable economic development, overall contribution of large multinational firms in the global output is decreasing in addition to their higher rate of failure. Although the role of SMEs is becoming more and more important for any economy particularly during and after the pandemic, it has been expressed that a significant number of SMEs will fail to grow or survive over a longer period of time. We will have to develop different stimulus packages for different types of SMEs. If these packages are not developed properly, it will be less effective if not ineffective.  

Major expected change: Education system

We should include humanity, mankind and crisis management as non-credit/credit bearing modules/courses in all undergraduate courses. We should also spend hugely, in the education of science and technology. Finally, can we support tuition fees waiver for undergraduate students at least for one year if not three years?

19 July 2020