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Based on the various reports in the public domain, the issue of Covid19 has had huge impact on the BAME community which I am part of as a Black British female of African origin.  Many BAME healthcare workers in the front line have lost their lives during this Pandemic.

The Bame Community were largely affected by Covid19 in view of the statistics available to us through the school of fiscal studies and through other bodies commissioned by the government to look into the impact of Covid19 on the community.  Some of the issues highlighted are:

-social economic factors in view of the nature of jobs that BAME engage in.  Some of our men are likely to be cab drivers, carers, security even though there is no single narrative to describe the impact or account for the impact of current crisis on all minority groups.  The school of fiscal studies however, reported that “Africans and Indian men are particularly exposed to the virus due to their prevalence in the healthcare roles”.

-Racism: institutional and systemic racism at all levels do impact on the BAME community. 

-Lack of access to health care: A lot of people in the BAME community do not have access to health care.  Some due to immigration problem are not registered with the GPs.  Some are registered but ignore the symptoms or asymptomatic. 

-Deprivation: The shutdown for instance have implications for ethnic inequalities.  The lockdown has impact on the household income where those who work in factories are not able to work due to the lock down and have lost their jobs as a result on unemployment.

-The Education of children were affected (not just from the BAME) community but all children in general. 

My Worries

        Lack of the appropriate support for BAME workers in the frontline in view of the possible second wave of COVID19

        Which can lead to the Community experiencing more deaths

        Impact on the economy of the Nation and the impact of poverty on the BAME community.  It is likely that such households have been “hit” harder and would have struggled more economically as most factory workers have lost their jobs as unemployment hits the peak during the pandemic.

        Children’s education affected and the long-term impact on BAME.  It is recognised that the prolonged absence from education impacts negatively on the children.

        There is the widening of gaps in learning between advantaged and disadvantaged children.

What We Need to See Happen

        Health care workers and BAME witnessed the death of those who lost their lives through COVID and witnessed the deaths of their colleagues. 

Therefore, the provision of support for their mental and emotional                         wellbeing.

        Provision be made for access to other care facilities for cancer patients and other health challenges to avoid loss of lives as the Nation experienced during the Pandemic.

        The provision of PPE was late which has been the outcry of health workers in the Nation.  This negligence has no doubt contributed to the loss of lives of the frontline NHS workers who worked despite the risks associated with caring for COVID patients presented.

SEWFABLUX  LTD -  Folasade Olowofusi

supporting BAME Community and the Marginalised in the Society

19 July 2020