Written evidence submitted by Dr Jill Brian (FRE0080)



I am a British Citizen living in England and I value my EU Citizenship and strongly resent that it will


be lost without my permission, because of the UK decision to leave the EU.


I think the UK decision is a highly dangerous one and believe that neighbours working together


make the world a safer place.


Is there any possibility for me to retain my EU Citizenship as well as my British Citizenship ?


Many of my living relatives still live in the EU.



My mother was born in Germany and was  lucky to escape from Germany in 1936 by by finding a



job in London, after her elder brother had been shot for opposing Hitler.  When World War 2 broke


out she was sent to Scotland as an Alien.



My father was born in Scotland and had fought in the British army in World War 1 and was fire-


watching in London during World War 2 , as he was now too old to fight and his wife had recently


died unexpectedly.


One night he was injured by shattered glass and was told to take some time to recuperate, so he


went to stay in Scotland with one of his brothers who still lived there.


July 2020