Rachael Thacker – Written Evidence (LBC0047) 


Overview; my main concern for after this pandemic is that we become more hyper-partisan than we were before. I’m tired of debating basic human rights. I’m tired of feeling confused why our system marginalises people. I’m tired of waiting for young people’s voices to be heard.Thats why I appreciate this opportunity. The pandemic has put a microscope over the issues which already plagued us, yet we haven’t taken the actions to tackle them. I hope you enjoy the poem.


Tackling This Pandemic


Always wash your hands, but don’t let this wash away the responsibilities that we have.

Our duty to truthfully teach generations about the past.

Yet our curriculum is white-washed, excluding parts of history you’d rather be lost.

The sets and streams means privileged pupils float to the top, leaving working class kids drowning often forgot.

Their saviours stranded on shore because lifeboats and supports are deemed a luxury which teachers can’t afford.


Next put on your face mask, although this won’t cover up our guilty tasks.

The same people we asked to come help and resettle we’ve treated like unwanted cattle having them sent to the slaughter house.

And as we mention homes let’s never forget, the poor Grenfell children who thought they were safe all tucked up in bed. But still thousands live in these ticking time bombs.

How many lives need to lost, till change is worth the cost?


Ensure you social distance, but don’t become distanced from social movements.

We’re 2 meters apart but closer than before.

There’s never a bad time to unite in order to protest for our loved ones human rights.

So let's tackle this pandemic, together we just might.


17 July 2020