Written evidence from Alan Prosser (COV0168)


To UK Government - On Human Rights

Evidence to Support Improvement in Handling of Covid 19

Article 2 of the Human rights Act states that we have a right to life.  This implies the government of any country should not take the life of any citizen for any spurious reason.  To kill a patient through the NHS is to violate that right, even if it can be justified that the death was a the result of an error - especially if the error was avoidable.

Boosting Our Immune Systems

I and my wife heard about the risk of a new influenza virus in Feb. 2020; so we immediately thought to restart taking Echinacea to boost our immune system, which we take every winter.  Each year we never have the influenza inoculation as we have known that some people have had adverse effects from it.  So we keep ourselves healthy with organic food and such things as Echinacea (no alcohol, caffeine or smoking).  I am 75 my wife is 81.  We have not had a bad bout of flu for some decades now.  This way we reduce any burden on the NHS.

In my role as Chairman of the City of London Pensioners Association there is a welfare element attached.  We have about 1,300 members of ex-City of London employ-ees.  Each year we have a Welfare Conference in Guildhall in the City, where often there are sessions to advise our members how to keep healthy.  We also have newsletter where similar advice is often rolled out.  In the Spring edition of our newsletter I had the following short passage added to my article about protection from covid-19 :-

"--- there is one very valuable thing we can all do - it is to boost our immune system as much as possible during the time of the risk. This is most effectively and easily done by taking a daily dose of Echinacea drops or tablets. These are available at most health food shops. The ones we have used at home, for many decades, are called Echinaforce and are in a small bottle of tincture. Instruc-tions are on the bottle. Echinacea has been known for centuries to really boost the immune system."

Some pensioners emailed and thanked me for the advice.  I waited and waited, but never heard from the NHS or the government that such a simple thing as Echinacea could improve an older person's chance of survival.  There is ample evidence that it works.  All the medics and scientists have said that it was a poor or ineffective immune systems which was the cause behind so many deaths from covid 19.  The search for a vaccine is proof that we all need a more effective immune system - since it is expected that a vaccine will boost or prime the human immune system to help beat the virus.

Instead we heard over and over "Save the NHS".  I could not honestly understand what was behind this statement by the Prime Minister.  How was the NHS at risk?  Why was the Government not advising us to boost our immune system in some way?

Side Effects of Medications Causing NHS Overload

My wife and I always avoid accepting medications offered by our GP because we know of so many people who have suffered bad side effects of modern medicines.  And we have a natural fear of being taken to hospital where medications may be admin-istered to us.  I may be 75 but my memory is very good.  During the lockdown I remembered some headline news from Feb. 2018, so I looked it up to remind me :-

"A study by the Universities of Manchester, Sheffield and York, stated the following facts for the yearly figures in England. Mistakes with the prescrib-ing, dispensing and/or administering of modern NHS medicines have killed 1,700 people and caused the subsequent deaths of a further 22,000 people. 1 in 5 of all dispensations are in error which means 237 million prescriptions are dangerous, 79 million of these mistakes have caused harm to patients."

The above deaths are a violation of the human rights act.  From this evidence I naturally became very concerned that both I and my wife should do all we can to avoid going to hospital.  But that was not all. On the 13th June 2020 the British Medical Journal published the following scary facts about the NHS :-

“Rachel Ann Elliott, PhD, professor in health economics, Manchester Centre for Health Economics, University of Manchester reports that more than 237 million medication errors are made all along the care process every year in England alone, estimated to cost the NHS at least £98 million and contributing to the loss of more than 1,700 lives annually, say UK researchers.  25% of errors having the potential to cause moderate harm and only 2% potentially resulting in serious harm “

Then it started to become clear to me what "Save the NHS" really meant.  Although it says "only 2% potentially resulting in serious harm" 2% of 237 million is 4,740,000 every year.  And this means nearly 1,300 possible emergency cases coming to English NHS hospitals every day, solely due to serious harm caused by medication errors - these cases could not be suddenly stopped from occurring.  If we add or mix in to this number many more coming from the covid-19 epidemic in the UK, we have a cause of NHS collapse, due to too many emergencies arriving at their doorstep.

It was then I began to understand how it was that so many older people were dying from the covid-19.  So many more in the UK than in any other country in the world.  The hospitals were saying over and over that those who died had underlying health conditions.  This was as if to say that it was not the NHS fault that the person had died.  But "underlying condition" must also mean, "known about and receiving treatment".  This means that the older people were certainly taking several NHS medicines and may have also been suffering from side effects and a damaged immune system.  Their death could actually have been caused by too many medicines having cause them to have a poor health and a poor immune system - not the covid 19 on their death certificate.

So I looked that subject up as well.  From having prepared a report to the City of London Pensioners, I already knew about the 2019 report sent to the government by Age UK about medication of older people, called "More Harm Than Good" where it states :-

"Adverse drug reactions can have severe consequences for older people and cause nearly 6 percent of unplanned hospital admissions.  Between 2008 and 2015 the number of emergency hospital admissions caused by adverse drug reactions increased by 53 percent.  In 1 in 50 cases that reaction proved to be fatal." 

That report also stated that :-

" - - - older people who were taking numerous medicines should have their situation reviewed so as to try and reduce the number of medications they were taking." 

And their research stated that nearly 2 million older people were taking 7 or more prescription medications daily, or more than 4 million taking 5 or less per day; and that they were at risk of severe side effects.  But note:- 'medicines killing people'  ??? is this against a basic human right to life?

Hence my further research also discovered that the Guardian newspaper had reported on over prescription of medicines in the UKAseem Malhotra stated:-

"The consequences have been devastating.  Modern medicine, through over prescription, represents a major threat to public health.  Peter Gøtzsche, co–founder of the reputed Cochrane Collaboration, estimates that prescribed medication is the third most common cause of death globally after heart disease and cancer.  In the UK, use of prescription drugs is at an all-time high, with almost half of adults on at least one drug and a quarter on at least three – an increase of 47% in the past decade.  It’s instructive to note that life expectancy in the UK has stalled since 2010, the slowdown being one of the most significant in the world’s leading economies."

Improving the Second and Third Wave Responses to Covid 19

If the UK Government and our NHS want to make the situation for a second or third wave of the  covid 19 virus to be better than the first wave, then the situation with the damaging effect of NHS medicines needs to be addressed.

As a family we have often resorted to alternative medicine when NHS medicines were shown either to be ineffective or have given bad side effects.  I was cured of a bad case of haemorrhoids, my wife of cystitis, my daughter of a stomach ulcer and several other things in our family were cured by a herbalist. None of these problems recurred after treatment.  All of these with inexpensive natural cures which have no side effects and really do work.  The Government could save £ billions if the NHS doctors were trained to understand natural cures.  Rather than pouring £ billions into the coffers of "big pharma" who it seems, from the evidence above, are very good at killing patients with their medicines - the NHS could spend far less on a few effective natural cures.  Many European countries use natural cures in their national health systems.  This way the NHS could also avoid paying out huge sums of compensation when medications go wrong (£83 billion in 2019 - from BBC freedom of information request Jan 2020) This money would be better put to use to improve the education of doctors and the facilities within the NHS.  The Government must bring a halt to killing people with medicines.

Madagascar has a population of a little under a half of the UK, but their cases and deaths from covid 19 have been astonishingly low.  In fact deaths in the UK are more than 1,500 times more than Madagascar's.  How is this?  Surprise, surprise - they have treated their population with a natural medicine which can boost the immune system T cells and also can fight off viruses.  Their cost in fighting covid 19 is nothing compared to the huge expense of the UK's NHS system. And they are doing better at upholding the human right to life of their citizens.

On 11th March 2020 I had to attend a committee meeting in Guildhall in the City as chairman.  This was two weeks before the covid 19 lockdown.  But information of the covid 19 risk was being broadcast to the nation.  On the bus and the underground to London I naturally used an effective face mask to protect me from risk.  This to me was common sense.  Since that date the Government has generated complete confusion to the nation with respect to the use of face masks.  What is simply a common sense subject has been made the focus of people who call themselves scientists.  Myself and many other sensible people do not need a scientist to tell us about a matter which is common sense.

I was a professionally fully qualified engineer and surveyor when I worked in the City of London.  I am fully aware of the role of scientists.  But over this covid 19 pandemic it is clear that the scientist are the ones who have made the whole crisis worse.  Those in China did not speak the truth.  Those working for the World Health Organisation have made many serious mistakes in the advice they gave to the world; those in the UK have failed to sing from the same hymn sheet and have simply spread confusion to the public, along with incorrect and damaging advice.  Without the scientists (I mean worldwide) and people left to common sense the whole covid 19 pandemic could have been either avoided or made much less of a crisis.

The government needs to consider whether taking advice from the scientific community, when it cannot make up its mind over vital issues, is the best way forward.  Sometimes simple common sense is all that is needed.

Eliminating the Failure and High Costs of Modern Medications

One hundred years ago there were people called "quacks" where the following facts apply :- (1) they gave medications which were supposed to cure people. (2) In many cases the medicines caused harm to their patients and did not work as a cure. (3) They were mainly interested in the money.  Eventually their medicines were banned or exposed as being false.  This was before the human rights act was devised.

Is it not time now to recognise that "big pharma" are the 21st century quacks?  since all three of those 100 year old facts are true of big pharma today.  Above it is stated that modern medicines have killed many patients.  We never hear of natural medicines killing people.  In respect of medicines causing harm we have not progressed much since 100 years ago.  It is time for our government to get a grip and to look into the much safer and cheaper option which natural cures can provide.

The facts reported by UK university researchers (quoted above) has proved beyond doubt that the UK is almost the worst in the world for killing people with errors of medications.  Natural cures do not kill people, even if someone took the wrong one or a high dose.  Modern pharmaceuticals do kill.  The only way to avoid killing people this way is to avoid the use of modern medicines wherever that is possible.

This would be upholding the right of UK citizens to life in a way that it should be.

To avoid the possible overwhelming of the NHS during any future wave of covid 19 or indeed any future pandemic, we need to reduce as far as possible the 1,300 cases per day (in England alone) of patients being rushed to hospital because they are suffering from a medication error from having taken modern medicines.  This will also reduce the number of deaths due to medication errors which are really a violation the human rights of the patients.