The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited (SMMT) – Written evidence LPF0016


We thank the House of Lords EU Environment sub-committee for the opportunity to submit information to its Inquiry on ‘Environment and the Level Playing Field’.


The automotive sector is a key driver of growth and prosperity across the UK - £82 billion turnover and £18.6 billion value added; with some 168,000 people employed directly in manufacturing and 823,000 across the wider automotive industry; it accounts for 13% of total UK export of goods. A thriving and diverse sector will help propel the country towards a successful post-Brexit future based on international trade, productivity, research, development, digital innovation, and a rebalanced economy across all regions.


Given the integrated nature of UK automotive manufacturing and the critical importance of preferential access to the EU market to investment in the sector and its competitiveness, it is essential that government successfully negotiates an ambitious and comprehensive trade deal with the EU. This is the sector’s foremost priority and we welcome the opportunity to provide some information to support the sub-committee’s inquiry.


The global automotive industry is a heavily regulated sector, and we believe the UK and EU should agree a new framework for regulatory cooperation and dialogue in relation to automotive.



Of relevance to the Committee’s inquiry into ‘Environment and the Level Playing Field’ is the SMMT’s position paper on priorities for the UK-EU trade negotiations: