Michael Mulvey Evans – Written Evidence (LBC0024)


IC-UK Proposals


The main lesson from the Covid pandemic is empowerment.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  And this is just as true of communities as it is of individuals.


The IC-UK (Independent Constitutionalists - UK) initiative aims:

(1) to join with others in providing a focus for nation-wide conversations about how a better future might be achieved, and

(2) thus to develop a shared narrative to which all can contribute, bringing together the many good ideas that existing initiatives are already promoting.


OUR MAIN IDEAS for achieving a better normal:


Independent Politics free from party-political ideology

A New Democracy people-rich and participative

Devolved Governance when and where possible

Citizen deliberation via consensus-seeking Assemblies & Feeder-Panels

• Membership Selection via sortition and stratified sampling

Genuine Representation mandated, accountable and revocable

A Codified & Living Constitution framed by all, belonging to all

A Political-Economy that is fair, inclusive and sustainable

A Tax System that ceases to penalise productive effort

A New Environmentalism that puts people and planet before growth-fuelled    profit


Committee members are asked to read our Declaration of Purpose at www.icuk.life for more details.


11 July 2020