Written Evidence Submitted by Professor James Daniels



COVID-19 MIGRATING TO WATER VIA WASTE? viral RNA Analyses required of UK water reservoirs, etc Warning for investigation- Covid-19 WASTE MANAGEMENT From Professor James Daniels (former Ebola fighter Sierra Leone) 

Matter:  SUGGESTION IN CONTEXT OF COVID-19: Warning for investigation  - From: Professor James  Daniels (former Ebola fighter Sierra Leone) Presently stranded with family in Morocco - seeking evacuation flight 

 Investigation- Covid-19  WASTE MANAGEMENT 

From my transit point from Sierra Leone, now in Morocco stranded enroute with family to UK  but unhelped by UK authorities  - I would like to  share an urgent matter with the Science and Technology Committee for investigation which I observed under the EVD outbreak in Sierra Leone where I spent 2 years managing aspects of hands-on quarantine for EVD quarantined and quarantine facilities funded by DfiD, German Gov and Irish Aid.

EVD waste was highly contagious  - leaks to reservoirs and treatment plants was probable and in fact occurred

The high risk units and all waste was separated and outflows from hospitals, treatments centres, doctors' surgeries, bathrooms, toilets, drains, sluices, water runoff from quarantine  facilities and indeed domestic isolation (toilets, setic tanks, etc) were ALL suspect and addressed. Apart from early warning data perhaps UK authorities could calculate infected people in population from viral DNA analyses in your waste water - as yet another methodology towards a fully mosaic?

The rapid spread of Ebola in Freetown, Sierra Leone, I believe, was in part attributed to these initial waste management and waste disposal failures including failures at domestic level (EVD patients in home quarantine, senior citizens' homes, etc) . If it assists, Gertjan Medema at the Dutch water research institute, (KWR I think) has some findings too. 

I kindly suggest a rapid investigation could or should be conducted into the possibility of Covid-19 transmission in these exampled scenarios which potentially, as I observed in the EVD emergency, affects  the waste disposal cycle through to potable water derived from treatment facilities - as real transmission route possibilities.  The fact millions of people in the UK are isolated in domestic premises furthers the consideration to I would suggest, high priority levels.  Domestic outlets  leading to sewers could also be factored in a Councils' waste management considerations under this COVID-19 pandemic, too?

If required, I can dig out my past reports from Ebola Quarantine but I should add that we took it so seriously, that the UK military at Brigadier command level joined my team in Sierra Leone at VQF Hasting  2014 - 2016 to ensure SOPS I put in place were forensically observed by local national team partners.  A few documents are listed above as basic attachments. 

AI could dig out the UK Min of Defence team army (Brig & Col plus Capt) contacts who were with me in Sierra Leone who, together,  I would suggest, have equal understanding and experience, hands-on as I do, with transmission of these deadly viruses through waste management, reservoir bodies, water recycling parameters.  Have Gibraltar authorities looked at these risks and considered sewage surveillance and re-mapped your runoffs from the residential outputs and begin postulating transmission possibilities outside of mask, gown and latex gloves compartmentalising frameworks?


(April 2020)