Written evidence submitted by Mr Vignesh Iyer


To the committee,



I wrote earlier to the committee regarding the deep inequality and injustice that will ensue if Ofqual’s plans were to go ahead unchanged. Since then, having seen the changes been made by the SQA in Scotland and by the CCEA in Ireland, it would be remiss of me to remind the committee that this pressing issue has not received any changes in England.


Ofqual’s current rules allow for them to award grades standardised by an unfair process that determines the verity of the grade submitted by a teacher on behalf of a student based on the performance of previous cohorts. This illogical and arbitrary method makes for high achieving students from low achieving schools to have their grades distorted by a system that is inherently in favour of those fortunate enough to attend a school with a good record.


There is still no recourse for reconsideration or appeal, nor has the autumn exam timetable been published. After seeing so many of our peers struggle to come to terms with their IB results (which have been demotivating to say the least) and seeing those in Scotland and Ireland change their policy to make it less discriminatory, I am left wondering what keeps Ofqual from doing the same.


I will also send this letter to my MP, Seema Malhotra (Feltham and Heston) in order to make sure my voice and the voices of those I am speaking for, the children who have worked tirelessly with their dedicated teachers to try and achieve the best they could with what they were given, are heard. Listening is not enough, we need action, and we need it now, so we have a robust and reliable system that is fair to everyone.


Yours Faithfully,


Vignesh Iyer


July 2020