Written evidence submitted by R Brooke and P Ryan (FRE0059)


I write as a British citizen who is disappointed at this government’s lack of ambition and focus on a critical right to travel in the EU for periods greater than 90 days continuously. I have lived my life with specific freedoms that I am exercising and which this government is now taking away.

We are a couple, 46 & 49 years old, British citizens, who have worked in professional careers for thirty years, we have chosen to take a break from our professional careers to travel Europe in our campervan pursuing a passion for climbing staying for up to 300 days a year, renting our UK home to generate income. We are long standing tax payers and contributors to the UK.

The lack of focus from the this government on negotiating mobility rights post 01/01/21 will have a dramatic effect on our life.

The 90/180 day rule is a major challenge to our choice and lifestyle and does not even match the 180/360 day offer the UK is making to EU citizens.

We want our right to travel fought for and protected, we are shocked at the lack of ambition and focus this government has given to what is such a crucial right for us.

We understand this should be part of the Future Relationship negotiations between UK and EU but are not at all assured this government is prioritising this, nor even attempting to fight for our rights, instead settling for a significant downgrade i.e 90/180 visa free default, which will destroy our lifestyle we have worked so hard to enable.

The Visa alternative will be costly and Healthcare coverage expensive / prohibitive.

We are asking for focus, for prioritising this in the Future Relationship, for protecting our rights to travel for tourism in Europe for periods longer than 90 days in every 180, for some fight.



July 2020