Written evidence submitted by Alan Jones (FRE0056)


Annex EE: Survey of second home owners’ intention for 2021

Key Message

  1. A survey on 01/07/2020 showed that for 24% of people who wish to visit their second home in France in 2021 obtaining insurance will be a barrier to obtaining a visa.


  1. In our submission of 18/06/2020, paragraph 21 stated “180daysvisa-free.org researched the French visa application process and found that obtaining a Long-Stay-Visitor-Visa would be out of reach for many due required income levels and the prohibitive cost of Schengen compliant travel insurance”.
  2. We viewed the oral evidence given British in Europe to the Committee on 30/06/2020 and concluded we needed to provide some specific information to the Committee about obtaining a visa.
  3. We carried out a survey of the 6000 members in Living in UK and France Facebook Group about their intentions for 2021. Within 18 hours of posting the survey on 01/07/2020 we received 286 responses and considered this to be a reasonable sample.
  4. We would be grateful if the Committee would consider adding this document as an additional annexe to our written submission of 18/06/2020.

Survey question and results

  1. The text below is taken from the survey.

180daysvisafree is doing some background analysis related to adding to the information already sent the FREU Committee. We are particularly interested in getting an understanding of the numbers who will be affected by the need for insurance when applying for a visa.

Assuming that the Schengen 90/180 day rule will be in force for UK citizens in 2021 what are your intentions for travel to your second home in 2021?


Will apply for a visa



Will visit within the 90/180days rules for reasons other than the issue related to obtaining insurance for a visa



Insurance will be a barrier to obtaining a visa








  1. The survey showed that obtaining insurance will be a barrier to obtaining a visa for 24% of respondents. Thus, they would not be able to visit their second home at a time of their choosing.  If this was replicated across the 500,000 second home community that would mean some 120,000 people and their families would not be able to access their property beyond the Schengen 90/180 days allowance.  This number is five times the size of the 24,000 fishing community where HMG is expending much political capital on enhancing their future rights.   


  1. We have included comments provided by respondents which illustrate the issue

       I will keep within the 90 / 180 rule next year as I am still working. But when I retire the answer would be 'Insurance will be a barrier to obtaining a visa'.  KB

       I will apply for a visa but my travel insurance maybe an issue in 3 years time when I reach 70.  FC

       Would like to say apply for a visa, but cost of health insurance may be prohibitive due to age. JS 

       We will apply for a visa but age and the cost of insurance for pre-existing conditions may be prohibitive in which case will be forced into the 90 day option. AB

       We will keep to the 90/180 rule, cost of insurance may be prohibitive and the issue of income requirements although never had an issue with not enough money up to now. CS

       We will apply for visas (each individual is going to need one) but there is a chance that insurance costs for those of us with pre-existing conditions will make it prohibitive for us in which case we will have no option but to sell. 90 in 180 will / does not work for us and our place, which was once our only and main home, is far too big to just lock up and leave all the time. KP




July 2020