Written evidence from member of the public (COV0144)


I am a married 38 year old father of two children (aged 8 and 11). My wife is currently eight months pregnantWe are both Directors of a small Ltd company and our family has been negatively impacted by the Government’s handling of COVID-19.


The Government’s response to COVID-19 can be summed up in one word: “PANIC”. More precisely, media-induced panic!


In one of the first daily updates, Boris Johnson, the CSO and CMO made it clear that there was zero evidence that closing schools would provide any benefit.  Looking at the evidence now, they were right at the start of the pandemic. You can also find evidence of this from the BMJ’s archive of Disease in Childhood - https://adc.bmj.com/content/105/7/618?fbclid=IwAR1ceN22INdFNC29NKKdTUsep8UDbESbeuphOPTfRtaYyJzeU_7gG4qwU0Y


The facts now show that children are extremely low risk and are not “super spreaders”.  You only have to look at other countries, such as Sweden who managed to keep their schools open. In addition, Holland fully opened over 6,000 schools recently. From this, two teachers subsequently tested positive for COVID and NO children. That’s in a period of six weeks since opening.


Instead, the main-stream media (particularly BBC and SKY) pressured the Government and panicked the general public into full lockdown and the immediate closure of schools. This has impacted our children negatively:


1)      Our eldest daughter was in her final year of primary school. Since closing in March, she has missed out on her SATs (which she has spent months being anxious about, and working extremely hard towards). She has missed out on her final few months of primary school. She has missed out on induction days at her senior school.

2)      Our daughter has also suffered with mental health since not being at school, due to the lack of social contact and constant negative media stories (particularly the very sinister messages associated with: if you don’t stay at home, people could die.

3)      Both our children have had no contact with any friends or family for 3+ months. By the time they go back to school, they would have been out of full-time education for 7 months! During their time out of school, we’ve had hardly any contact from the school.  We’ve tried our best to home-educate them but running a business at the same time is near-on impossible. I seriously worry about the impact of this on their future.


On a less-personal note: it’s now quite well-publicised that Coroners were told to class deaths as “due to COVID-19” and not complete a post-mortem if a positive result was found. This is despite the fact the person could have died “with” COVID, but not “because of” COVID.  In addition, at the start of the pandemic, the NHS were sending elderly patients back to caring homes knowing they had tested positive. This lack of care for the elderly is shocking!  We’ve been told to clap for the NHS! Clapping for the people who have made decisions resulting in the deaths of many people?


This from York Press web page today:

"'I'm in abject pain' - 44,000 hospital appointments cancelled amid Covid delays"

How many, when multiplied nationally? The scale beggars belief. Matt Hancock must be held to account for the non-COVID collateral casualties.


People should be allowed to make their own choices and balance the risks of COVID-19 against living a “normal” life. Our elderly neighbour recently died (not COVID…), and in the past few months, other than his Carer, he had seen NOBODY!  He was thoroughly depressed and I honestly believe this is what resulted in his death as he was previously a very healthy and positive person.


Over the past few weeks, there have been multiple protests (illegally, may I add). Within these protests, people have been injured / murdered and statues vandalised. Through this time, the Government have remained predominantly silent:


Last week, thousands of people visited beaches throughout the UK - legally! Not mentioning the obvious scaremongering by the UK media which has continued for months on end - relentlessly putting fear into the lives of people in this country, Matt Hancock felt the need to speak to the media and threaten to close beaches! This is surely a breach of human rights?


Can I just add to this; a few weeks ago when there were SMALL and PEACEFUL protests in London against Lockdown, people were arrested and their faces plastered all over the media!


How is this fair? Thousands of people breaking the law, wrecking historic monuments, injuring the police (I could go on) – the Government: silent. Again, a clear breach of human rights.