Written evidence from Beverley Krell (MEP0017)


Honourable Members,


Thank you for giving the public the opportunity of submitting responses to this wide ranging review of British foreign policy in the Middle East, with special emphasis on Israel.  I hope I have covered all the points although I doubt the government will change course.


As a 2nd/3rd generation Jew, and a seasoned observer of Middle Eastern Affairs, the examination of British influence in the region is  long overdue.  This year marks the centenary of the catastrophic Balfour Declaration which the majority of Jews, including Sir Edwin Montagu were against. 


In consenting to a Jewish homeland, this country broke its oath of Arab self determination, a breach that has never been forgiven, and has seen the UK cast as a divisive player only concerned with pursuing self interest.


The United Kingdom was fully aware that Palestine was not a land without a people waiting for a people without a land, but the Great War necessitated a decision that has allowed almost seventy years of injustice to follow.  At no time has this country reminded Israel to fulfil its obligations towards the Palestinian people under the terms of the Balfour Declaration.



If the truth be known, the United Kingdom has never exerted, and cannot now exert influence over Israel.  This lack of intentional support to matters Palestinian has, in effect, given Israel the green light to further its agenda of ethnic cleansing and apartheid. Israels incessant use of the Holocaust card, it's never ending victimhood status, Palestinianterror and casting itself as a weakling surrounded by enemies is a misnomer and is detrimental to the Jewish and Palestinian diaspora belying the truth that it has the latest weaponry and a fleet of German Dolphin Class submarines.


To call Israel a Jewish State in inherently racist when 20% of the population are Christian and Muslim.  Furthermore, the Right of Return for the Jewish diaspora is racist and smacks of apartheid when Israel has banned the Palestinians from returning to their homeland while denying their very existence.  http://www.jewishagency.org/first-steps/program/5131


Israel fears its critics are challenging its legitimacy when it is doing just that by its actions.  Zionism goes against every tenet of Judaism and is a de facto white supremacist orgy based on hatred and fear.   The road to peace will remain firmly closed until the Palestinian return and existence are acknowledged by Israel.


As I'm sure the Honourable Members are aware the two State solution was nothing more than smoke and mirrors which has allowed Israel to colonise large arable tracts of the West Bank.  The recent passage of the Normalisation Law has allowed Israel to retroactively legalise “illegal settlements” on private Palestinian land.  Various ministers, particularly Naftali Bennett have spoken of annexing the entire West Bank which makes the two State solution moot.  Avigdor Lieberman has mentioned that the entire population be transferred to the Sinai Desert which parallels measures enforced by Josef StalinAt the same time 48% of the population favour the forced expulsion of the Palestinians.  http://forward.com/news/israel/335292/48-of-israeli-jews-back-expulsion-or-transfer-of-arabs-new-pew-survey-says/


The UK’s relationship with Israel should be redefined as Israel’s relationship with the UK.  In light of recent events and proposed changes in law, it appears that Israel is setting the agenda.  The AJ expose might have surprised some but most seasoned observers have been aware of the practices.  The entire manufactured antisemitic furore was just that, a highly organised establishment structure to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, pro Palestinians and squash criticism of Israel. 


The Government’s proposed legislation on what constitutes anti semitism is another tool used to forestall criticism by calling it anti semitism.  Yet is criticism of the United Kingdom, a country headed by a monarch who's the head of the Church of England anti Christian – of course not.  Again, it is transparent that Israel is also behind the changes in legislation regarding BDS.    https://bdsmovement.net/.  BDS is a peaceful, non violent protest movement to bring Israel to account and it is morally justified when Israel and its allies offer no legitimate solution to this decades old injustice.



The Government has allowed the State of Israel to undermine our democratic system and it is clear that the Embassy here, under the direction of Mark Regev, is instrumental in silencing both debate and criticism.  Alan Duncan and Crispin Blunt were targets along with anybody who speaks out and this includes many Jews.  Israel is attempting to conflate anti semitism with anti Zionism while one is a religion and the other a settler colonialist enterprise.  To be an anti Semite is to hate Jews, to criticise Israel is anti Zionism. 


Another issue which is diverting a meaningful dialogue are the members of Parliament who belong to the Labour Friends of Israel and the Conservative and Liberal Friends of Israel.  Transparency is the key and it is sadly lacking when people like Joan Ryan, Ian Austin and too many others stand before the House and use incendiary language which is factually incorrect and biased. 


For the sake of clarity, all organisations pertaining to be ‘Friends of’ should be banned.  We are fast approaching the American situation whereby special interest groups  such as BICOM and AIPAC determine our foreign policy through our elected officials who are not trusted at the best of times.  Our media follows the same route when the BBC mentions the killing of an Israeli Jew but nothing is said when Palestinians are killed on an almost daily basis.  The same holds true for the print media with the Guardian being the biggest offender.  When mention is made of a Zionist agenda, it is this that people are referring to, the muzzling of our freedom of speech, the silencing of the press, a future which is McCarthyist in nature and law and this cannot be allowed to happen. 


This country likes to talk about its freedom but I'm finding myself despairing of the proposed changes and the destruction of the collective voice either through pen or voice – this is not my England, it is an alien entity where I find myself a stranger stranded.


To create special laws to safeguard the Jewish community where none are required  is a dangerous move.  No measures are being enacted to protect Muslims, Hindus and others and this will further separate us within a multicultural society.  It is quite obvious that resentment will grow and the real anti semitism will fear it's ugly head.


In the wider region, this country is guilty of duplicity and hypocrisy when it criticises Iran and Syria and undermines their governments while remaining silent on Saudi Arabia as its commits atrocities and human rights violations at home and in Yemen.  Thousands lie dead after the relentless bombing, yet this country continues to enrich itself through arm sales.  The same rings true for Egypt and the smaller Gulf States


Our following the American lead has led us to be hated and with justification.  The relentless obsession of regime change through the Middle East and North Africa and the continuation with the fake news on the civil war in Syria when it has been a war against Bashar Al Assad and for regime change.  The mention of chemical weapon attacks against his people is duplicitous when the samples given to the UN do not match those used against the Syrian civilian population.


Again, we are following the American and Israeli demonisation of Iran when our history clearly shows our rabid colonial behaviour which led to the revolution in 1979.  Have we forgotten our legacy in carving up the oil fields in the 1920’s, the overthrow of Mossedq in 1953 and the installation of a puppet Shah?  Iran has never invaded another country and suffered a dreadful loss of life during the Iraq/Iran war.  The current Iranian government has complied with the internationally broken agreement while Israel has a nuclear arsenal which has never been inspected nor has it joined the NPT.  The question is “Is Iran entitled to defend herself against two regional enemies”? 


Our vacuous foreign policy agenda has created distrust and anger in a region already in turmoil. To move forward the United Kingdom must accept that it is no longer great or powerful.  It must come to terms with the injustices it has wrought and try to remedy the situation.  A starting point would be to regain its independence from Israel, do what it should have done long ago and ensure Israel fulfils its obligation under the Balfour Declaration.  If sanctions can be arbitrarily meted out to Russia they can be imposed on Israel for the greater good.  As a British Jew, my greatest fear is that this Zionist experiment which is already imploding will hurt us all.