Written evidence submitted Tim Goodyer


I have received no support form the government as I am self employed and my net profits have been just above the £50,000 cap. The sector I work in, west end theatre, has closed down with no hope of reopening this year, and with no government financial support whatsoever. Thisnis contrast with spending in other countries in Europe is unfair and irresponsible, especially when the income from the entertainment sector is so high, and also has a huge knock on effect for business which depend on custom of theatre goers.

People who earn much higher wages than me are taking advantage of the furlough scheme so it seems ridiculous that the cap for support for self employed people is so low. Plus if the govt doesn’t support the theatres, both in London and nationally, the entire sector is likely to never recover. This will cost the government money in the form of increased unemployment across the whole of central London. It would seem that this area of the economy is being ignored as it isn’t a “vital” service, but if you look further into the implications of mass unemployment in the whole entertainment, arts, restaurant, etc etc areas of the economy it paints a different picture.


June 2020