Written evidence from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – ZAU0001

How much of Defra’s additional Brexit-related funding has been spent on expanding fisheries enforcement capabilities?

The running costs of the UK’s control and enforcement programme are met by Exchequer funding.

Additional funding of £13.2m has been allocated for the purpose of fisheries enforcement in English waters.

As previously stated in response to Parliamentary Questions, expenditure by the Marine Management Organisation on fisheries enforcement (for 2019/2020) has increased by the following amounts in comparison to the previous financial year (2018/2019).

a)      Surface surveillance: £7.44m

b)      Aerial surveillance: £2.23m

c)      Training and staff costs for warranted Marine Enforcement Officers: £2.11m


What consultation with the Scottish Government took place regarding the UK-Faroes rollover agreement?

In October 2019, the UK Government signed an agreement with the Faroese government that, in the event of a no-deal EU exit, provided continuity to the respective fishing industries by maintaining the current arrangements on access and fishing opportunities for UK and Faroese fishing vessels until the end of 2019. The Devolved Administrations were consulted at length throughout the process.


19th March 2020