Written evidence submitted by Paul Gumbrell


Ref: Self-Employed Income Support Scheme


I am a pensioner but still work to supplement my pension. I am a freelance photographer working for equestrian companies taking photos at horse events and county shows.


Unfortunately these have all been cancelled so I am unable to work but I was expecting to be helped by the Government Self-Employed Income Support Scheme when I was told to Stay at Home!


However I have been informed that I am ineligible for the grant because my trading profits are less than my non-trading income. ie. my pension.


This I believe to be discriminatory towards semi-retired pensioners who choose, (and need) to work to support themselves.


My additional income is declared and taxed so why am I not eligible for this grant even at a reduced percentage? As a taxpayer I will be contributing to the SEISS each year that I continue to work.


Although the income tax I am due to pay on 31st July has been deferred, how am I expected to pay this with no additional income for the foreseeable future? My outgoings are greater than my pension, which is why I work.


June 2020