Written evidence submitted by Ashton Reynolds (allocator at Ann Summers)


I am contacting you again to ask for your continued support in achieving an amendment to the CJRS in order to protect the incomes, and lives of new starters across the country. As you are already aware, any new employee who's RTI information had not been submitted to HMRC on or before 19th March is currently ineligible for payments through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). I am one of those workers that is continuing to be excluded from the CJRS.

As mentioned previously, I am part of New Starter Justice - a campaign for New Starter Furlough who have been campaigning tirelessly for the inclusion of new starters since the scheme was announced. Months have passed and I, along with many others, am still left with no financial support from a scheme that is  being lauded as a total success. This is not good enough and a change needs to be made.

People are being forced out of employment and into the welfare system by the government's refusal to implement a clearly achievable scheme—one which would validate the legitimacy of new starters. We appreciate that taxpayers’ money needs to be protected from fraud, but as taxpayers ourselves, are we not also entitled to protection? 

I request that you please make additional representation of my situation to the Chancellor, and urge him to consider extending the scheme to include me, and others like me. I appreciate that you may have already raised this issue previously, but given the lack of movement by the government I would appreciate if you could do so again.

June 2020