Written evidence submitted by Amanda Litherland (Lead Invigilator at Grey Court School, Ham)




I am a Lead Invigilator for Grey Court School, part of a Multiple Academy Trust.

I have worked there continuously on PAYE ‘zero hour contract’ since April 2014, building up to the position of Lead Invigilator and, in February 2020,  was allocated and committed to 5 weeks of full-time work : 8am - 4pm,  Monday – Friday. As a result of all the school exams being cancelled I have lost at least 202 hours of work.


After a long wait, the MAT offered to pay all invigilators 35% of our agreed hours. This results in a significant drop in my income from at least £2222 to £777.70,  a deficit of £1,444.30. Furthermore, my son has been home from University, studying and sitting his exams (whilst still paying rent and bills for unused accommodation there) so I have had additional expenditure in that respect. A double whammy! I‘ve asked the school to treat me as a proper employee and pay me appropriately, either from government funded staffing/exams budget or otherwise using the CJRS, however, rather than seeking clarification, they refused, citing that the government guidance is unclear.  Even though I have tried to show them the guidance and explain the ethos behind the CJRS, they still choose not to support their staff, rather divert their budget elsewhere.


Please note, whilst I am submitting as an individual, I am one of five Lead Invigilators at Grey Court. All of us are aggrieved with being so undervalued, all of us wrote to the CEO of the trust to express so. Two have since accepted the 35% (for fear of jeapordising future work), one has not bothered to write further, having stated categorically that she rejects the 35% and the fourth  has  just rejected the loan offer. I assume there are also lead invigilators at the other schools, but I don’t know what their situations are.


I ask that invigilators be treated and paid fairly.




June 2020