Written evidence submitted by M Mudhar (CVD0004)


I am a full time wheelchair user with no ability to stand. 2 months into lockdown (9th June)  I arrived at my local pharmacy to pick up my prescription and found that the my usual entrance into the pharmacy via a ramped entrance from within the doctors surgery (urban village, Ancoats, Manchester) was closed. Only patients with an appointment were permitted to enter due to covid safety restrictions. A sign directed me to the alternative entrance which had a 3inch step to enter through heavy doors. No alternative had been given to wheelchair users and no way of gaining staff pharmacy attention which placed me in a distressing situation and took away my independence.

Due to an able bodied person exiting the pharmacy I was able to gain the attention of an employee who I made aware of the disability discrimination.  I believe they will now produce signage to enable wheelchair users to use the original entrance if they use the intercom to the GP surgery.

In future where covid restrictions are put in place proper and reasonable alternatives should be made for disabled users as part of any covid restrictions measures.


June 2020