Written evidence submitted by Adam Harvey (Editor TV/Film at Black Dog Post Production)


I am an Factual & Entertainment Film Editor with recent U.K. credits on BBC1, Discovery Networks and Channel 5.


Under recommendation from my accountant and REQUIREMENT of the agency I source 80% of my work through, I operate as a Limited Company and therefore largely fall through the gaps of any possible help during the COVID 19 crisis. Under guidance, I have furloughed myself using the PAYE element of my monthly income and am receiving £575.10 (backdated) for every month I don’t work. I have a mortgage holiday & have also secured breaks on loan repayments and car finance, but these simply push my debt pile higher and ensure I will be paying more in the future.


The bulk of my income is dividend based and I have lost all of that. My company exists purely as a funnel for those work related payments and I nothing else. I do not not have another source of income and my personal tax return shows this. It is on file & recorded by HMRC


Other editors who have remained self-employed  (and I know several who have this status) are entitled to grants of up to £2500 per month. This is obviously not fair.


As the economy restarts, I cannot currently contribute by shopping or using other services without further indebting myself (any grant that I, and others in a similar situation may eventually receive will be funnelled directly back into a recovering economy via supply & demand). There is no confirmed restart plan for TV Production that I am aware of, so I am left in limbo. The Arts & Entertainment Industry contributes billions to U.K. GDP in normal circumstances and is currently hung out to dry by a Government that chooses to ignore it.


June 2020