Written evidence submitted by Vinny Tomlinson (MAC0003)

I am the former Chair of Merseyside Black Police Association (2005-10) and was an employee of Merseyside Police for almost 18 years. I took redundancy in 2017. I am submitting evidence because I am an anti-racism activist, former police employee and both care and fear for the future.

The recent BAME disproportionality revealed for Covid-19 FPNs is symptomatic of the wider discriminatory practises that black people are subject to not just by the police but throughout society. The Black Lives Matter protests that are sweeping the globe are an indicator of the revolutionary reforms that are required not just in policing but throughout society. There has been a plethora of reports published with umpteen recommendations before and since McPherson was published in 1999. All of which evidence the fact that despite over 55 years of race equality legislation black people remain unequal across almost every aspect of life.  At some point I hope the gathering of evidence will stop and the desire to enact meaningful long-term change will commence. Without this, tokenistic evidence gathering merry go rounds will continue ad-infinitum.

Those in positions of authority often fail to gauge the true mood of the disenfranchised. Our politicians need to use the BLM protests as a barometer and ignore this at their peril. The Governments Race Equalities Commission led by Munira Mirza, to include Trevor Philips has incensed the black community not least because both of the aforementioned are ‘Institutional Racism’ deniers. It is also yet another example of a procrastinating evidence gathering exercise; about to be implemented in spite of the fact that there is overwhelming evidence to act now. The police do not recruit from a vacuum but from a society that is racist. The solution to all of this is to reform society. I fear for the future.


June 2020