Written evidence submitted by Lisa Reynolds


I have been PAYE for the last 30+ years until April 2019 when I became self employed.

The HMRC have full historical data for me as a tax payer. They also have my Tax Return Year end 2020 for a full year of earnings which I submitted April 07 2020 at the beginning of lockdown.


My work as a fitness instructor came to a dramatic end when the Government forced gyms to close at midnight March 20th therefore taking away my livelihood and my ability to support my two children as a single parent. As mentioned I have been a taxpayer contributing to this country for over 30 years and the HMRC have full tax records for me as well as now having my up to date Tax Return as a self employed worker.


As a tax payer I expect to be treated on a parity with every other tax payer in this country who has received 80% of their earnings either through furlough or the SEISS grant. It is not acceptable to tell me that I have fallen through a gap as it is perfectly clear that given my work history I am entitled to be treated fairly and on a par with the rest of the working nation. The Hmrc have my tax return for this year end which came to an end almost simultaneously with the beginning of lockdown so it is simply not good enough to tell me this cannot be taken into account.


The repercussions of this blatantly unequal treatment have not only left me with no income for the last 3 months and no date for a return to work but have severely affected my mental health.


The Chancellor has repeatedly promised that he would do whatever it takes to provide a parity of support and a package to ensure that everybody gets the financial help they need. However, for those of us not fitting the inflexible criteria set out, despite having evidence of earnings, we are told to turn to Universal Credit which offers no where near what we should be receiving and clearly does not provide the parity of treatment promised.


I have been kicked in the gutter by a government that I voted for to give me and my family a bright future. Unfortunately my future financially and health wise is now in tatters owing to a policy which ignores and refuses to take into account my circumstances.


June 2020