Written evidence submitted by D Jacobs


My daughter was supposed to take 4 GCSEs this summer.


We have been completely messed about by the total lack of regard for home educated children. My daughter is close to having a nervous breakdown.


We had all the evidence we could possibly need but the school that she was sitting the exams at said that they were conflicted as she would be in effect competing with their pupils. We couldn’t find anyone else to take her and we have lost the £600 which we paid for her fees as they were non refundable. I am still paying back the loan I took out to pay for them and I’m going to have to fork out again next year.


My daughter has found this all very stressful. The college she was supposed to be going to will not take her without her GCSEs so this has been a nightmare for us. 


The government said that every child would get the grade they deserved. It’s total nonsense.


June 2020