Written evidence submitted by Alex Osborn

I am a 24-year-old Electrician.

I have worked from the age of 16, through an apprenticeship scheme back in November 2011 right up to October 2019, which I decided to take a new venture of Self Employment.

I have a complete record of employment for this period, paid my taxes and national insurance.

As a new start up business I have fallen through the gaps of income support only eligible for UC. I applied and was told I was entitled to LESS support than others due to having some savings. (£200 per month) These savings come from hard work all my life, and are also In a LISA account which I would be CHARGED if I were to access.

Please review these cases as I believe the government have done a fantastic job for the majority, but is unjust people in the same position as me have been left behind.


June 2020