Written evidence submitted by Pauline Isherwood

Thank you for inviting evidence from Self Employed people who have been excluded from the Self Employment Grant.  Sadly I am in this excluded group. 

I worked for 20 years for Shell International and was made redundant with my last day on the 30th March 2018.  I was PAYE and paid one month in arrears so I received my final pay check from Shell on the 26th April that included my redundancy.  My final PAYE check was for £64,591.83 after deduction.  The deduction of PAYE Tax was £27,313.17.  I have more than put in to HRMC.

As it was paid in April I recorded this as part of my income for 2018-2019.  I started my business on the 5th April 2018 as a trainer and have been doing great business which sadly since the covid 19 all my work has been cancelled. 

In 2018-2019 my total income was £ 44,452 therefore I should have received the grant 

However, after appeal I was informed by letter 

1)      Your self employment profit for 2018 – 2019 needs to be at least 50% of your total income for the year.  It is irrelevant where the income came from.

Therefore. I am being penalised because of a one off redundancy payment that had nothing to do with my self employed business.

This is so unfair.  I am sympathetic that the chancellor had to act swiftly but there should be exceptions.  I have had zero income and my savings are running out.  Other schemes like furlough don’t penalise people.


June 2020