Written evidence submitted by William Huw Davies

My name is Huw Davies, I am a 60 year old IT Project Manager who has worked and paid taxes for 42 years. I was working on contract for Cisco Ltd, at Nationwide Building Society when the lockdown started and Cisco terminated my contract within a couple of weeks. There is no contract work available and no one wants to employ a 60 year old man.

I work through my own Limited company (WHD Network Ltd) so am the sole Director and sole employee. I have complied with IR35 for the last seven years, paying my tax and NI on time every April and this has meant I am not eligible for any financial support from the government other than UC, which I applied for a month ago and have not received anything.

I am fast working through my meagre savings, keeping a roof over my head and food on the table. The Government are discriminating against me by not providing financial help.

June 2020