Written evidence submitted by Graham Hill


To who it may concern ,

I work in the highways industry have done for 30 years on and off

2016 I worked for a company in 2018/19 I ran a bed and breakfast that was a total disaster

I am just giving you a little of my history

By April 19 I decided to go back to the highways industry looking at the self employed option I considered the limited company but the problem with this the government had a ruling of IR35 coming into play in 2020 and all Ltd companies for sole traders were not allowed so I opted to go on the government scheme CIS construction industry scheme so eventually the HMRC scheme was under way taxed20% at source for the next year and beyond I had a good year not knowing that covid 19 was on the horizon

My Accountant Completed my self assessment return to HMRC for 19/20

My first year of CIS self employment on April 10th

I had paid £11000 in deductions HMRC received 6000 for tax and class2 and 4 NI deductions and I received a overpayment of £5240 from HMRC

This all happened around the time of lockdown

Moving on I now realise I am not entitled to any SEISS or any help from the government which I find perplexing , how much proof do you need

I am a hard worker that puts decent money into the government coffers

Yet when I need help I am excluded

I have had no self employed work for 13 weeks

I am broke


June 2020