Written evidence submitted by Robert MacDonald Twiner


I have decided to contact you to raise the inconsistencies of the current self employment scheme is. i have been self employed Plumber working on construction sites for over 30 years every week paying tax at source through the CIS scheme. This means tax is deducted weekly at source. Then every year completing his tax return and paying what else needs to be paid. However in 2018/19 he worked on a contract that required he put tax through the PAYE system which he did and paid full tax and insurance. The reason for this was the firm he was subcontracting from were making changes because of the up and coming RI35 changes. When this contract finished I returned to being self employed and again tax was taken at source every week. Until March when my construction site closed due to government restrictions being put in place. I have not been able to work since lock down. Today I was told they are unlikely to return until July the earliest. During his 30 years of working I had never claimed any type of support. However now we are looking at our government to support us like every other self or employed individual. But no I am is ineligible to claim because of the PAYE income in 2018/19. This is madness and completely unfair. Why is my family any different to any other working family.

When we have approached the HRMC to review they have said they are following yours rules and their hands are tired. Even though they confirmed they can see full tax and insurance paid for 32 years the rules do not allow a claim.

I am not husband a

       Limited company

       not a start up

       Not over £50k profit

       a director paying divendends


On the Gov site guidance it states calculations can be either 2018/2019 assessments OR 2016 and 2017 for these years I have full self employed income.


The only support option available is debt through the bounce backs or Universal Credit which again we are ineligible because my wife works. As we are a joint income family. 


I cannot fathom how i have been put in the position 32 years paying self employed tax and 1 year paying tax through the PAYE system.


Since my disappointment I have researched and joined a group of individuals The excluded” in similar positions to us. How can this government be so unfair for hard working people, who are unable to work because of restrictions made by our government.

This scheme needs a full review it was put together too fast and left out too many hard working families.

I am asking for your support to back a full review so that all working people get what is due to them. 


June 2020