Written evidence submitted by Andrew Griffin and Georgia Plews

Hello. Myself and my partner were working for the same agency for 6 months prior to lockdown. Doing 40 hours a week. Entitled to furlough but not paid it because the agency don't have to. It placed most of its employees on unpaid leave. My MP has written to them and been told that as they don’t have to pay furlough they dont. I have two replies from them to confirm they are paying some staff and not others.

I've managed to get some work from home, NHS call centre work which is fortunate because I broke my hip. In still working everyday. My partner is applying for everything but there isnt anything she can do right now. We applied for UC but I'm working just above minimum wage so nothing there.  The savings are now gone.

I was sent a letter assuring me that this government would ensure food would be on the table. This is seems to be contrary to that. We are doing our part.

June 2020