Written Evidence submitted by Mrs Marion Holdsworth


To the select committee for Education

The Prime Minister stated  that yr6 pupils should return to school as they are transitioning to High school in September and so would benefit from time at school to aid that transition .


In Bromsgrove we have the three tier system and our yr 8 pupils transistion in September but they are not being allowed to return as yr6 pupils in the majority of the country are doing.These children are being discriminated against as they are in the minority.It is just as important for them to be back at school.Transition is an important step and very worrying for some children,especially at this time when they have been off school for so long and could potentially effect their mental health in the future.


Mr Johnson should have said that all transitioning pupils return to school.Then the pupils in year 8 in Bromsgrove and other parts of the country would not have become forgotten children.


June 2020