Written evidence submitted by Wendy Burke (POH0019)


My name is Wendy Burke, I have been a member of the National Federation of SubPostmasters since July 1999 when I took over Dunmurry Post Office from my late father who was postmaster for 49 years before me. My father was hugely passionate about postmasters and always spoke about the NFSP family that he was proud to represent; he was only the 2nd person from Northern Ireland to become National President.


I became part of the NFSP family the day I became a SubPostmaster, I was elected to the NI committee the following year becoming Regional Treasurer and serving as Regional President. I was extremely proud to become Executive Officer for Northern Ireland in 2013. Our committee were very active and supported any members who came to us for help.


During my time as Executive Officer, and subsequently Non-Executive Director, I met with members who asked for support and represented these same members at investigation interviews and appeal stages. There were some of these cases where the person was happily reinstated and others where I did my best to limit the damage caused by the situation the person had found themselves in. It was not always possible to have the SubPostmaster reinstated and this very much depended on circumstances - but I always did everything I could for any members I helped, and they were always really grateful for the help given at a time when it was most needed.


I work full time for the NFSP now, having left under the Network Transformation programme, and I continue to be passionate about supporting our members. In my current role I provide individual advice and support to hundreds of SubPostmasters every year covering a wide range of issues. I am also responsible for co-ordinating the NFSP’s monthly Negotiating Committee meetings with Post Office Ltd where we discuss and seek solutions to issues that our members have had in operating their post offices.


I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity by Calum our CEO to develop a Dementia Friends program to roll out across the network and work with Time to Change supporting mental health culminating in the signing of the TTC Pledge at conference last year.


May 2020