Written evidence submitted by Ms Helen Clarkson


My Evidence For Consultation On E-Scooters



I have been following the recent developments with regard to legalising escooters with great interest. I own an escooter myself, but have temporarily stopped using it for the past few months, for reasons I shall explain below.


I feel that escooters have multiple benefits which far, far outweigh any negative impact they bring.  They provide cleaner, faster and easy transport for various short trips. The need for any help in tackling the polluted air in London is a no-brainer why escooters should be welcomed.


Escooters being legalised will be a positive thing. Of course I agree that there should be appropriate legislation for use. I am more than willing to register and insure my scooter; in fact I have already tried. I think that registering and insuring our scooters are a sign of commitment to being safer and responsible.


I find it very backward that the recent news on legislation is that it will be for hired scooters only, and not including private scooter owners. Users on hired scooters are more likely to be wreckless and lack responsibility. When I used my own scooter I always wore a helmet, a hi-vis jacket, and was considerate to others. Hired scooter users will not need to wear a helmet or other safety equipment. I feel that hired scooter users will pose a greater risk of damaging escooter user’s reputation due to wrecklessness and less responsibility that they might display in use.


The main reason that I bought an escooter is because I work long days and finish very late at night. Walking home alone from the train station was unsafe, so the scooter got me home quicker and safer. However since the recent sting of police confiscations and fines issued in London I stopped using my scooter as I feared I might get into trouble. It’s been very frustrating, costly, and  quite depressing as I feel its been a pointless waste of police time, and a backward approach when many other modern countries are far ahead in the game of escooters. Its time that the UK caught up and addressed the out-dated law on scooters.


May 2020