Written evidence submitted by Miss Nicola Mcwhinnie


In regards to the call for evidence for on E-scooters and their current standing in transport. As a daily user of an e scooter in a quiet town I feel whenever Im out I get positive responses to my use of it but sadly I am breaking the law by riding on public footpaths and roads. I do not do so lightly. I am a single parent who has a job and commitments which makes transport a must for myself and my kids who have bikes and ordinary scooters as I cant drive.So I would use buses I would spend up to 10 pounds per day on bus tickets and possibly two hours waiting and walking to and from stops and connections not including travelling time. Public transport is extremely unreliable timing wise and thats if they turn up. Escooters have saved me enough to actually have money to save for a holiday (not been away for 13 years) Regards to safety I wear a helmet and have lights and bells I do not speed in dense public areas I do not use roads as I find traffic are aggressive towards myself despite going the speed limit and following road rules. With the current pandemic I have used the scooter so much I upgraded my old one so I could collect my medication without contact of any other people and helping neighbours to do the same for them. I would happily answer any questions but would suggest paths and roads given bike paths as people walking dont seem to follow any rules as in sticking to a single side when travelling unlike bikes and scooters who do so. Education is key here. Japans culture is ingrained to walk same way cars drive so there isnt weaving in and out esp with social distancing. I truly feel to allow scooters public access would be a huge help to getting people out and back to work who possibly can not afford to risk public travel or walking great distances. In USA there was 38.7 millions trips in California alone using a similar system to bikes at train stations that can be rented via an app and dropped off around the city. This would translate amazingly to British cities who are trying to cut down carbon footprints and traffic due to a dated road system due to space constraints. In villages and small towns where there is less and less public transport options by bus routes being too quiet or train stations closing these could be used as a alternative to allow public to gain important links to larger towns for drs dentists and other services. People who may have a bike may be not positive they could go long distances where a battery powered scooter bridges that gap and helps whilst still allowing exercise. Most mobility scooters are unregulated and allowed access to all places I myself have witness a scooter going 20 miles (down hill) an hour and hitting a small child and this is not an isolated case i guess these types of scooters have large batteries and real weight behind them so can cause real injuries. My e scooter is light enough to carry for a good distance and would hurt me more should I collide or fall off but again I wear all safety protection and do not speed unnecessarily. I feel that the government is missing a huge opportunity by not pushing e scooters faster than they have done previously. We could be such a healthy nation again just by getting out on these scooters. Any questions please follow up  


May 2020