Written evidence from Mrs Sharon Clarke (COV0112)


Psychiatry and Human Rights are not always cohesive, but I feel that Covid-19 restrictions make matters worse.

My son is a 31 year old who has a dual diagnosis of autism and schizophrenia, and currently is a patient at the Humber Centre for Forensic Psychiatry (medium secure).

Visits are not allowed by the hospital even though the Covid-19 NHS guidelines state that an autistic person who becomes distressed can be visited by one family member. My son is distressed regularly (he is currently in seclusion), but these guidelines are not being adhered to.

After 5 weeks of constantly asking the hospital to see my son, they did manage to arrange a skype meeting every 10 days. This is totally inadequate.

Further, articles 3,5,6,8 and 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been severely tested, if not violated, and Covid-19 restrictions make matters worse. Imposed current restrictions are not consistent with the Human Rights Act

Covid-19 restrictions give Mental Health Institutions a mandate to increase segregation and seclusion, as family members are unable to visit. This leads to patients becoming frustrated, which leads to more restrictions i.e. seclusion.