Supplementary written evidence submitted by Mitie Care and Custody Limited (COR0137)

  1.        The below supplementary evidence has been prepared by Mitie Care and Custody Limited (Mitie Care & Custody) in response to follow up questions from the Home Affairs Committee as requested on 14 May 2020.


  1.        How many people in your immigration removal centres have been assessed at adults at risk levels 2 and 3; and how many detainees have vulnerabilities (co-morbidities) related to coronavirus?


  1.        We currently have 35 AAR at level 2 and 21 AAR at level 3.


  1.        However, those who might be considered “high risk” or “at risk” due to COVID 19 such as detainees over 70 or with an underlying medical condition which might require shielding are also recorded on arrival at the centre.


  1.        In total, we have had 70 detainees considered vulnerable including AAR and “high” or “at risk categories. All of whom chose not to go into our dedicated shielding unit because they would rather be accommodated on a unit “household” with other detainees after they have spent 14 days in reception quarantine. Any detainees identified in this category have a Vulnerable Adult Care Plan opened as an additional safety/monitoring measure.


  1.        Can you provide the Committee with details of a) advice, guidance and/or recommendations that you have received from Public Health England at national and local level in relation to the safeguarding of individuals in immigration detention and b) any guidance received from the Home Office on the same issue?


  1. As mentioned in previous evidence, we have been in regular contact with the Home Office. We have received a wide range of communications and guidance from both Local Resilience Forums and the Home Office. These have PHE links embedded in the documents. Throughout the period there have been regular version updates the listing below:


  1.        Can you confirm whether anyone (detainees, or staff) has been able or has tried to access the tests for Covid-19? If so, please provide details, including how many detainees and staff have done so, and how?


  1. 13 detainees have been swab tested by the Healthcare Provider CNWL. 8 staff members have been tested via Government drive-through test centres.





  1.    We can confirm that as at Thursday 5 May 2020, 99% of detainees in Harmondsworth were Foreign National Offenders.


  1. In response to Q397, length of stay has actually increased from 42 to 74 days for detainees remaining in the centre. Although the number of detainees in the centre has reduced considerably.


May 2020