Written evidence submitted by Peter Murray (POH0015)


Dear Sirs or Madam,


I would like to submit the following information regarding issues between Post Office and SubPostmasters, as have finally come to light after years of Post Office Ltd management, assisted by the NFSP, to cover all of the issues up, and put their combined heads in the sand.


Most of the SubPostmasters that I have asked about this, have replied that they were accompanied by a NFSP representative at their review meetings with Post Office, during suspension due to discrepancies. ALL of the Subpostmasters who went to such meeting have reported that they were told that they were the only one. Most report cases of the NFSP rep laughing and joking and having banter with the PO manager - one lady even said that she was asked to wait whilst the Fed rep discussed getting a branch for their son to operate - probably one that belonged to a suspended Postmaster! This clearly means that the Federation of Subpostmasters absolutely knew that this was a widespread problem, and not only that, but actually let it grow.


George Thomson, at the 2015 meeting of steering committee, told the board that all the problems were down to Postmasters or their staff being dishonest.


ALL of my problems at Hope Farm Road branch happened after this 2015 meeting, and in that, I see that Mr Thomson's lies at this meeting, along with those from Ms. Vennels and Ms Van Den Bogard, have hugely increased the massive cost to the government purse, as well as further destroyed the relationship, dragging on this living hell for hundreds of Postmasters for a further five years - which, surely you must agree - is completely unforgivable. Some of the same people also were reported by Fraser J to have been untruthful in court.


I do so hope that your investigations will uncover the huge web of corruption which is threaded right through Post Office Ltd and the NFSP.


Yours faithfully,


Peter Murray


March 2020